Affordable eCommerce marketing services for your business & brand

If you don’t have technical knowledge or skills to set up retargeting and send the right traffic to your store, it can hurt your sales and even worse, stunt the growth of your brand. We’ve made it extremely affordable to set up the right marketing for your new or existing store.

Are you afraid of the Ads Manager? No worries, we have an awesome team of experienced marketers.

When you’re busy building your brand, you don’t want to waste your time on the marketing aspect of your store. Save time and let our expert team handle growth, retargeting, and traffic. Best of all, no contracts.

Why is a retargeting ad important?

Getting in front of a potential customer who left your store with an offer is an extremely common way to rescue lost sales. Just remember the last time you visited Amazon for pillows, and you started seeing pillow ads on Facebook and Instagram. That's the power of a retargeting ad.

What all do you need?

We'll need access to your business Facebook page, Shopify store, ad account (with payment on file), and some brand assets like logos if we're designing and setting up your ads.

Are your marketers overseas?

Nope, we keep it all in-house in our creative and printing facility in Calhoun, Georgia, USA.

What happens after I start a project?

One of our main project leads will be assigned to you as an account manager to oversee and update you as the project is underway. This includes a phone call, zoom chat, and a few emails back in forth to ensure we're all on the same page.

Why is a traffic ad important?

A traffic optimized ad sends the right kind of clicks to your website, specifically because Facebook allows us to target and filter people around your most typical customer. Just because you build your store doesn't mean they will come. Sometimes we have to fish for traffic, and Facebook Ads gives us some pretty powerful tools to do that.

How long will it take?

Once we have everything we need, we can usually get the ads up and running within 48-72 hours.

Is this right for my industry?

We know how to optimize for certain actions once your pixel has recorded certain actions like AddToCart, Purchase, and ViewContent. Knowing this, we've learned over the years that the same optimization strategies work for nearly every niche.

Any hidden fees?

Nope, other than the ad spend that goes straight into Mark Zuckerberg's bank account, all we charge are our monthly agreed upon fees.